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Shut Down

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I am no longer posting to this blog, but it's contents are still available for you all to reblog and whatnot.

Okay, so I think it’s about time I made this post…

I’m not really sure how much life this blog has left in it, I’m not going to be scanning from the book anymore as it’s started to damage the binding and I really don’t want to risk any more damage. I’m not really keen on the idea of going back to the low quality photos I used to take, I feel like it would be a big step backwards and I have, to the best of my knowledge, exhausted the online supply of original Tim Burton drawings that aren’t already in strong circulation (though I’ll still accept submissions or links to Tim Burton art anyone else may have found!)

I still have quite a few scans and drafts to queue up, and it may last for several weeks (or even months, at a stretch), but I thought I should give you all some forewarning.

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Okay, so, there are just a couple of things I’d like to say and I’ve also gotten a few asks I feel I should respond to but I’m just really shy and don’t like making a lot of text posts so I’m going to do it all in one go now. So…

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